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Our Spa Therapist -

"I'm Dewi and I've been a therapist here for nearly 3 years now. I started a long time ago back in 2002, where I did a Holistic therapy diploma in Cardiff, studying body massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. I've worked in a lot of UK venues in my time, Centerparcs in the Lakes, 2 cruise ship contracts and a hotel spa in Gloucestershire. I had 10 years in London where I was busy at Covent Garden, Piccadilly & Wimbledon. Along the way I added nail treatments, electrical facials, waxing and sports massage to my skillset. I love to learn and grow as a therapist as new treatments come out every year.

I also hold a VTCT diploma in holistic therapy, a certificate in deep tissue massage, completed VTCT/ITEC sports massage level 3, I also hold a VTCT certificate in facial massage and skincare and a VTCT in electrical facials. As well as this I hold a certificate in waxing and provide intimate waxing and I am also qualified to perform manicures and pedicures."

Spa Treatments

  • Indian Head Massage -
    45 minutes, £15.00
  • Full Body Swedish Massage
    Full Body Massage for general well-being and relaxation.
    75 minutes, £40.00
  • Sports Massage
    Maintenance massage for aches and pains, fitness, improving range of movement, breaking down of scar tissue and knots in the legs and shoulders. Using massage movements to get deeper into the muscle tissue.
    75 minutes, £45.00
  • Back Massage
    30 minutes, £25.00
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  • Hopi Ear Candles
    Used by the Hopi Tribe in North America, these candles are therapeutic and have a soothing effect on the inner ears. It also helps draw out excess wax. This service is not suitable if you have an ear infection.
    30 minutes, £15.00
  • Brows Wax
    Eyebrows tidied and waxed with honey wax. Also trimmed and shaped
    15 minutes, £7.00
  • Nose wax
    Cilia hair removed form the fleshy part of the nose for easier breathing. This is done by using hot wax and wax strips.
    15 minutes, £7.00
  • Ear Wax
    Hot wax is used to remove hairs around the outside of the ears
    15 minutes, £7.00
  • Brows , Nose & Ear Wax
    Full facial wax done for the brows, nose and ears. For the modern man who wants to look and feel groomed. Hot wax and honey wax used.
    15 minutes, £21.00
  • Full leg wax
    Total hair removal from both legs including the toes with cartridge and strip wax.
    90 minutes, £32.00
  • Full Arm Wax
    Hair removed completely from both arms including hair on the fingers if needed. Strip wax and cartridge wax used.
    60 minutes, £15.00
  • Speedo line
    For men just wanting hair removed along the speedo line (inner thigh).
    15 minutes, £15.00
  • Manzilian
    Hair removed from just the crack, penis and scrotum (public area is optional) or it can just be trimmed.
    45 minutes, £25.00
  • Buttocks Wax
    45 minutes, £20.00
  • Chest Wax
    For men wanting all hair removed from the chest and abdominal area.
    45 minutes, £27.50
  • Back Shoulders Wax
    30 minutes, £38.00
  • Full Body Wax
    Full Body waxing treatment for men who want to remove all unwanted hair from the back, chest, arms, legs, underarms, intimate areas, brows, nose and ears.
    240 minutes, £90.00
  • Hydration Facial
    Universal facial for the modern man who just want to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, steam, extract blackheads finished off with a face massage and mask.
    60 minutes, £25.00
  • Prescriptive Facial
    60 minutes, £25.00
  • High Frequency Facial
    Electrical Facial which uses neon and ozone to act as a germicidal effect on the skin. Perfect for oily combination skin types. Has an antibacterical effect on the skin after deep cleansing.
    60 minutes, £45.00
  • Microdermabrasion Facial
    The Electrical Facial uses diamond encrusted Industrial grit. Mechanical exfoliation of skin which helps soften fine lines and wrinkles, removes blackheads, also uneven skin tones and areas of pigmentation.
    60 minutes, £45.00
  • Men’s Manicure
    Nails are filed, soaked and shaped.
    30 minutes, £15.00
  • Luxury Manicure
    This is a real treatment for your hands, nails and arms. Nails are filed and shaped, then hands are exfoliated to smooth the skin. Followed by a hand and arm massage to help relieve tension and paraffin wax.
    75 minutes, £22.50
  • Pedicure
    45 minutes, £25.00
  • Luxury Pedicure
    75 minutes, £35.00
  • Spray Tan
    Get a healthy glow with our vegan based spray tan. This service cannot be done in conjunction with waxing or massage.
    30 minutes, £15.00
  • Aromatherapy Massage
    60 minutes, £35.00
  • Reflexology
    60 minutes, £30.00
  • Himalayan Salt Full Body Exfoliation
    45 minutes, £30.00
  • Body Wrap -Inch Loss Lymph Drainage
    90 minutes, £35.00
  • Eyelash Tint
    15 minutes, £9.00
  • Spa Promo -himalayan Salt Exfoliation & Full Body Massage
    90 minutes, £60.00
  • Thursday Night Project : The Clubman ( Back Massage & Manicure )
    60 minutes, £30.00
  • Thursday Night Project: The Footman ( Back Massage & 30 Mins Reflexology
    60 minutes, £30.00
  • Thursday Night Project: The Groom - Back Wax & Brows /Nose & Earwax
    45 minutes, £30.00
  • Thursday Night Project: The Best Man - Back Massage & Mini Facial
    60 minutes, £30.00
  • Thursday Night Project - The Kelvin: Back Wax & Electrical Facial
    75 minutes, £45.00
  • Thursday Night Project - The Yeoman - Back Wax & Classic Facial
    90 minutes, £38.00
  • Body Trim
    45 minutes, £15.00
  • Underarms Wax
    Hair removed from both armpits using either hot wax or strip wax
    15 minutes, £8.00
  • Back, Sack and Crack Wax (BSC)
    For men wanting hair removed from back/shoulders, buttocks, scrotum and penis.
    90 minutes, £68.00
  • Manzilian & Buttocks
    For men wanting hair removed from the whole buttocks, penis, scrotum and speedo line.
    60 minutes, £34.00

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